Pacaderm Parade

My daughter is always getting the days of the week mixed up so I’ve knocked up this cute little pin-board hanger to help her get to grips with it.

I chose to use elephants cos they’re pretty neat but naturally you can use anything. Also, the dry-wipe aspect of this chart can be used for a multitude of things such as re-useable sticker keepers for example, so feel free to take the basic idea and run with it!

What You Need:

  • 2 Sheets of coloured card
  • White Paper
  • Felt-Tip Pens
  • Elephant (or other) Cut-Out Template
  • Days of the Week List (see below)
  • Laminator
  • Hole Punch
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Sticky Back Velcro
  • White Board Pen

How to Make the Chart:

  • Cut out 7 Elephants (or whatever you are using) and get your kids to colour them in

(Feel free to use this template from Little Birdie Secret – Click the image to open in a new window for a printable version.)

  • Add a day of the week to each one and laminate them, trimming the excess afterwards.

(Click the image to open a printable template you can cut out in a new window)

  • Then write on a piece of A4 card along the top; “Today is…”
  • Use one of your elephants to measure the size of the gap and underneath you can write “What Shall We Do?” – or something to that extent.

  • Laminate this sheet
  • Laminate another sheet of card that’s been cut in half (this is the piece you will “park” your spare elephants.

  • Using a hole punch and your string attach a hanging hook to the top and attach the two pieces of card together at the bottom.

Pop your sticky back velcro patches on the back of your elephants and the other sides one on the top sheet where the present day elephant will be fastened and six on the bottom piece of card for the rest.

Each day you can discuss with your child what day it is and try to identify the correct corresponding elephant which will then be stuck to the main piece of the card. You can then use a white board pen to write that day’s activities and plans. As the sheet is laminated you can wipe this clean for the next day.


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Crafty Cards

Crafts for Kids: Crafty Cards

Why not introduce your kids to the art of card craft early with this cheap and alternative way of creating really special and unique cards for your family and friends for birthdays, christmas, weddings etc…

The school year is almost over so today my daughter and I made this Thank You card for her teacher.

What You Need:

  • Gluestick
  • Scissors
  • Coloured Card
  • Coloured Paper
  • Envelope
  • Cut-Outs from Greetings Cards (See below for details)


  • Sequins
  • Ribbons
  • Beads
  • Tissue paper
  • Felt Tip Pens
  • Whatever you like!

Every time we have an event that means we get lots of cards in our house when we are finished with them instead of throwing them away or putting them in a sentimental keepsake box and forget about them we cut out pieces from them. Text that reads “Happy Birthday” for example, pictures of butterflies, flowers, boarders etc etc etc (from the inside and the back of the card too!) All these pieces go into a special box and when it’s someones birthday or whatever we can have a good rummage through and decide which pieces to use to make a card ourselves. (We also use these as gift tags on presents – it’s something my Mother and I used to do when I was a child and I still enjoy deciding which part of the card would make the nicest cut out as much as I did then.)

Card craft supplies kind of have the same kind of thing only you have to fork out your hard-earned for these pieces – and although they look much more professional our method is not only free but recycled and when people know your kids have helped make the cards they are generally much more forgiving.

How to Build Your Card:

Firstly measure the envelope that you are using and ensure your folded piece of card is just a little bit smaller than this.

Use a piece of card cut to size and fold in half – we used card that is coloured on one side and white on the inside.

Using a piece of coloured paper, we cut another piece to fold in half that is even smaller than the card itself to add as the insert. (This is where you will write your greeting message.)

Once glued in place we added a message to the inside just like a bought card would have from our card cut outs box.

The front of the card is really up to you, use the pieces of card cut outs (see how we used a piece of pink spotty card as a background and added pieces on top of that). Embellish the card as you like, just make sure it’s not too bulky that it won’t fit into your envelope.


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Fabric Envelopes

Clear Out Time

Clear Out Time!

It’s that time again when I realised dispite being overflowing with clothes, theres nothing in my baby girls draws that seems to fit her. She’s only gone and grown again! So, I have a good sort out and invested in some nice new summer clothes for her first birthday.

Yesterday evening I turned this lovely pile of old clothes…

Into this!

With nothing but a stitch picker and a pair of scissors…

I couldn’t believe how much ‘d salvaged. I have zippers, buttons, elastic, sequins, pockets, buckles, poppers, bias tape, ribbon and all this wonderful fabric which I’m sure I’ll do something interesting with when the fancy takes me.

I have plenty of birthday presents to wrap over the next few days so I may end up using some of it for beautiful and eco-friendly gift wrap:

Recycling is so satisfying…