Horsing Around…

It’s the first day of the school summer holidays for many today – my son decides he’s  “bored” at 9.20am, which even for him has to be some kind of record!

To keep them amused this morning I’ve got them creating crazy horse pictures with some spare scraps of wool I had lying around which they’ve glued onto the horses mane’s as hair. The rest of the picture has been coloured in and a lolypop stick stick to the base of the cardboard cut out to hold so they can gallop around the house with them “naying” and such like…

Here’s some templates you can use to make your own (click on the image to open into a new printable window or tab)

My Daughter’s Horse!


We’d love to see your crazy horse creations, send your photos to us and we will include them in our gallery. You can email your pictures to us at


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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star


Pacaderm Parade

Teddy Bear’s Picnic

Clear Out Time!

It’s that time again when I realised dispite being overflowing with clothes, theres nothing in my baby girls draws that seems to fit her. She’s only gone and grown again! So, I have a good sort out and invested in some nice new summer clothes for her first birthday.

Yesterday evening I turned this lovely pile of old clothes…

Into this!

With nothing but a stitch picker and a pair of scissors…

I couldn’t believe how much ‘d salvaged. I have zippers, buttons, elastic, sequins, pockets, buckles, poppers, bias tape, ribbon and all this wonderful fabric which I’m sure I’ll do something interesting with when the fancy takes me.

I have plenty of birthday presents to wrap over the next few days so I may end up using some of it for beautiful and eco-friendly gift wrap:

Recycling is so satisfying…