Have you seen Folksy?

It’s like Etsy but based in the UK. Of course, I always ensure that my Etsy customers are able to make a purchase no matter where in the world they are but I have noticed that as it stands (I believe Etsy are doing much at this time to expand), many sellers on Esty only cater for an American customer base. This is where Folksy comes in!

We are very proud to say we now offer our full and ever expanding range on Folksy aswell as Etsy.

Hit the button below to vist the Lily P Chic Folksy online shop now!

Beautiful Handmade Shabby Chic and Vintage Style Design Home Decor – Made to Order and Delivered to your Door.

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Clear Out Time!

It’s that time again when I realised dispite being overflowing with clothes, theres nothing in my baby girls draws that seems to fit her. She’s only gone and grown again! So, I have a good sort out and invested in some nice new summer clothes for her first birthday.

Yesterday evening I turned this lovely pile of old clothes…

Into this!

With nothing but a stitch picker and a pair of scissors…

I couldn’t believe how much ‘d salvaged. I have zippers, buttons, elastic, sequins, pockets, buckles, poppers, bias tape, ribbon and all this wonderful fabric which I’m sure I’ll do something interesting with when the fancy takes me.

I have plenty of birthday presents to wrap over the next few days so I may end up using some of it for beautiful and eco-friendly gift wrap:

Recycling is so satisfying…