Enchantment Pouches

Enchantment Pouches

Enchantment Pouches
Enchantment Pouches Enchantment Pouches Enchantment Pouches

Charged under the light of a waning gibbous moon, these adorable, lovingly hand-stitched enchantment pouches contain everything you need to conduct your very own spell of magic enchantment.

Going for an interview, meeting a new group of peers or simply wishing for a social boost? Then this is the spell for you. People will be utterly charmed, facinated and capitavated by your bewitching beauty and personality.

Each enchantment pouch has been hand sewn, infused with rose oil and has already been charged under the influence of a waning gibbous moon by guard of candlelight. This batch of drawstring pouches are made in delightful flower faerie cotton print fabric.

Inside each pouch is a small candle plus holder, my own personally written Enchantment Incantation Scroll tied with satin ribbbon, a bow and bell charm (to call upon the spirits to aid you with the spell and ward away negativity), a flower-shaped button (to seal the spell), a silver plated Tibeten shoe charm (to encourage people to fall at your feet!) and full instructons of how to perform the spell.

(Please Note: contents may vary in style and colour slighty from those pictured).

If you are insure if this type of spell is suitable for your purposes please feel free to contact me either via Facebook http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002406135937
or by way of direct message here on Etsy and I will endeavour to help where I can.


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