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This site is dedicated in supporting the “Art of Handmade”When I ask people who introduced them to the Art of Handmade, most say their mother, grandmother, an aunt or the sweet elderly lady next door. I know if I asked those that taught them the same question they would say my mother, my grandmother, my aunt or a sweet elderly neighbor.  The “Art of Handmade” has been a tradition passed down since the dawn of time. Although; most who will visit this site appreciate and continue to hand down the tradition of handmade, there is far too many who do not. Too many who do not partake in a tradition that provides them with pride, serenity, helps economically and has a huge impact on the environment. In the past ten years the handmade industry has hit a historical low. We have lost crucial venues that brought awareness and stimulation to the “Art of Handmade“. Venues such as small shops, shows, magazines, class teachers, and TV shows are almost extinct. This campaign was created on July 4, 2010 with the goal of creating a new venue that will bring awareness of the “Art of Handmade” to the masses once again. To date we have over 5000 pledging to help in its efforts. We invite you to join in and be a part of the campaign to help revitalize a tradition that we must not lose. This is a grassroots campaign that relies on the passion of volunteers who want to see this tradition carried on; and handed down to generations to follow.

There are many ways to contribute to the campaign, such as

  • Visit our FORUM and participate in the committees and Q&A topics.
  • Sign up for our UPDATE NEWSLETTER to stay on top of progress and events.
  • Invite others you may know who would be interested in being a part of this campaign to come join in this great cause.
  • Place the “I SUPPORT HANDMADE” badge or tower banner on your site linking it to: www.isupporthandmade.com


If we do anything together; we will plant a seed ensuring the future holds the “Art of Handmade” for all.

Copyright 2010 I Support Handmade – All Rights Reserved

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