Addition Custom Order Information:

A few days ago this gorgeous piece of knitwear was added to the ever-increasing collection of Lily P Chic products. We’ve had a few queries regarding the custom aspect of this product and the variety of ways you can order a unique snood of your own exactly the way you like it so I thought I would add some more details here:

Firstly, we can incorporate two, three, four, or more different colours in your snood. Each piece has a trim edge around the base and top – you can choose to have just these trims a different colour to the main section or stripes of several colours. You can have the trim one colour and the main section striped with two entirely different colours. We’re offering a choice of 16 different colours so the combinations you can choose from are endless – you could even have a mega multi-coloured snood with all 16 colours!

Available Colours: Lavender, Lipstick Red (Pictured), Raspberry Pink, Lemon Yellow, Midnight Blue, Aster Blue, Parchment Beige, Fondant Pink, Denim Blue, Aspen Green, Camel Beige, Royal Blue, Dark Brown, White, Black, Cream.

The flower brooch that fastens the snood collar together will be made in a selection of fabrics to match your chosen colour combinations. A specially selected quality cotton decorative quilting fabric will be used for the front of the petals and the centre and a polyester silky habutae in a complimentary colour will be used for the back of the piece.

Customers worldwide can contact us via the Lily P Chic’s Etsy and Folky Online Stores:

and request the exact specifications for this item. (No matter what combination and how many colours you choose the cost remains the same!)

There’s also been some interest in a child’s version of the snood, as it stands this snood is only available in adult – one size fits all. As a guide this would suit an average size adult of age 17 and over. There will be two child’s sizes made available in due course, so keep an eye out.

Please Note: Once a custom order is agreed upon you will be expected to make a purchase of the Scarlet Red Snood as advertised as payment and your piece will then be custom-made for you and dispatched within the agreed time period.

Any further queries regarding this product and indeed any of the Lily P Chic range can be made by contacting us via the Etsy and Folksy links above, through Facebook or Twitter or you can email us direct at:

Thanks x



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