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Mini Bunting

Mini Bunting: 6 ft Shabby Chic Vintage Style Fabric Mini Bunting in Red Gingam and Floral Print

For decoration purposes where our standard size bunting is not delicate enough, this gorgous and cute 6 foot length (183cm) of mini bunting comprises of 11 delightful 10cm across, 12.5cm drop (4″ x 5″), double sided handmade flags in red gingam, white and blue floral print and a off-white polka dot. Each flag is stitched to a length of white tape ribbon with a short amount at each end for pinning up, and the entire piece is lovingly finished with a hand embroidered white, pink and black Lily P Chic label.
Perfect for summer BBQ’s, picnics and birthday and teaparties. Ideal for kitchen decor, children’s bedrooms, babies nurserys and much more.
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Hanging Heart Pendant

Hanging Heart Pendant

Gift Wrapping

Gift Wrapping & Postage Information

Each item from Lily P Chic is carefully gift wrapped in colourful tissue paper, tied with parcel string and topped with a beautiful hand written Lily P Chic tag. In preparation for delivery, each parcel will then be sealed in a plastic bag to prevent any water damage that may occur and finally wrapped in heavy duty brown paper parcel wrap.

If you are buying an item as a gift for someone and would like the gift wrapping items kept separate so that you are at liberty to view the piece and then wrap yourself please add a note when you submit your order from eBay.

Postage Discounts: There are matching items available from Lily P Chic, if you order more than one item from us in a single sitting you will be eligible for a discount on postage and packaging. The first item will be subject to the standard £2.00 P&P, however, each item thereafter will only cost you an extra 75p. (Please ask for a revised total when your invoice is sent to you from eBay.)